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Whether you need a temporary neon sign for a trade show or a permanent one for the front of your company, we make them. We also make backlit lightbox signs and 3d foam architectural signs too. But our best sellers are hand made neon signs.

Each neon sign is hand made by craftsmen. The glass is hand shaped. So it's a very precise process that few people can do.

We can manufacture in Europe, USA, or Asia. In general, if you have a few days, making your signage in our Asia shop will get you the lowest prices. But if you're in a rush, we can always manufacture in our local Paris, London, Madrid, Copenhagen, Milan, Stockholm or Istanbul locations.


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Backlit Lightbox Signs

Lightbox signs are the least expensive of all signs, well, except banners. They are bright due to the LED lights placed in the box and can accommodate any graphic. So for flexibility, price, and creative expression, they are the best bet.

3d Foam Architectural Signs

If you need something beefy and huge, the right solution might be 3d architectural signs. They are made of foam so we have to carve them with jig saws and do manual sculpting. If manual work is needed, the cost jumps quickly as only experienced craftsmen can do the work.

Banners and Murals

Banners and murals are the least expensive way to get a message out there. You can basically estimate $35 per square meter or square yard. Depending on the quality of the ink and the banner material used, the color can stay vibrant for weeks to months.